Gordon's Guide To Sausages
Gordon's Guide To Herbs
Gordon Ramsay's Guide To Fish
omar Abdullah
omar Abdullah 10 timer siden
I invite u to India for ur more content of this type
Sanguanboon 10 timer siden
Looks like the best way to cook bacon is on a turkey in an oven.
Josh Ashley Suelto
Josh Ashley Suelto 10 timer siden
If he can't smell the dead lobster he can't be a chef or a cook
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 10 timer siden
A meat pie is not an Australian staple. I'm Australian. It's fast food. It's cheap take away fast food. Literally $2 on a road trip
Fake Man
Fake Man 10 timer siden
Finally some good fucking food
Jehan Zulfakar
Jehan Zulfakar 10 timer siden
The aunty who laughed at him probably KNEW she was going to win lmao
Laura G
Laura G 10 timer siden
not gonna lie I absolutely hate ALL of his mannerisms so much... he's so annoying.. man can cook though
Kamsi onyeneke
Kamsi onyeneke 10 timer siden
Ha Karen
Random Pancakes
Random Pancakes 10 timer siden
That woman that's all about low fat shit is just a fucking Karen
Andrea 10 timer siden
Is this some kind of joke?
ALL IN ONE MALAYALAM 10 timer siden
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 10 timer siden
He thinks we don't understand the word *vermin* ? how stupid can he be?
Prime Time
Prime Time 10 timer siden
This man won me over soon as he said hes gonna make has with breadfruit its a island thing🇹🇹🇹🇹
Psuedo intellectual Hunters
Psuedo intellectual Hunters 10 timer siden
Goat eyes,..they killed me...
John Krs
John Krs 10 timer siden
7:13 The cut is difficult.... I bet the meat was chewy like a car tyre
Darren Carter
Darren Carter 10 timer siden
In real Chinese restaurants, the mains come out separately, and the table does share the mains. This is an issue of Chef Ramsey not understanding traditional Chinese dining. As an American living in Asia, I used to get frustrated when my wife, son, and my meals arrived separately.... but we realise how that is how it is here.
Quickhanf 10 timer siden
Still looking for Solt & Peppa... :(
TheKasher 10 timer siden
the dude has a clip on landline
Obaid 10 timer siden
M8 can u cook me a halal steak 🥩 please I’m in good health
I AM X OFFICIAL 10 timer siden
My Biology teacher is sad *because u did not cut it*
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 10 timer siden
Gordon knew exactly what he was doing with that weed. Drug's and alcohol are a huge problem in the hospitality industry.
M Rei Grid
M Rei Grid 10 timer siden
in Philippines this is basically called letchon kawali
walter schmidt elizondo
walter schmidt elizondo 10 timer siden
"the freshest thing in this kitchen is that pigeon flying around". i lost it there, lmao.
rosa liz
rosa liz 10 timer siden
Insane Potato
Insane Potato 10 timer siden
I luv how gordon enjoys his cooking thats why I watch hisvevery episode❤️😁
Amber 11 timer siden
Thank you Gordon Ramsay! I made this version for thanksgiving this year and I will definitely be using it as my go to turkey recipe from now on. My turkey used to come out a little dry, never again!!!
BudduredToast 11 timer siden
When he spilled that chicken juice 🤮
mp3vsalex 11 timer siden
1:56 is what we all came for.
Davie Shaw
Davie Shaw 11 timer siden
My wife...my WIFE... *MY* *WIFE*
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 11 timer siden
Badly designed garbage. What a rip off.
Denzel S
Denzel S 11 timer siden
Scott Chegg
Scott Chegg 11 timer siden
If this was American reality tv they would have staged a cat fight and put pigeons in the kitchen for drama
Aditya KP
Aditya KP 11 timer siden
He showed have worn a beard then, i think it would've been a little tough to identify him
Deshauna Harper
Deshauna Harper 11 timer siden
I was thinking 1000... S/N: Why Is the kid the smartest in the room besides Ramsey?
chunky pandey NET
chunky pandey NET 11 timer siden
Who thinks Gordon in kitchen, creating pressure to them
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 11 timer siden
You don't need to be a psychologist to see the obvious
Aksel Madsen
Aksel Madsen 11 timer siden
Now a sprinkle of salt *pures a handfull in*
Kyleen Drake
Kyleen Drake 11 timer siden
Gordon has lost his mind. Keep It Simple Stupid no longer applies to common people in his mind. Most people don't have these items in their kitchen Gorden. Many never herd of them! You're now cooking ONLY for the rich who can afford to be wasteful. Your recipes no longer apply to us simple people. Salt, pepper, flour, honey. Most of us have those items. Beyond that? You've lost touch with majority of your public. KISS (keep it simple stupid) are popular this year for a reason.
konga bonga
konga bonga 11 timer siden
Gordon: "What about when you cook this for your girlfriend one day" Kid: "uhhhhh"
chunky pandey NET
chunky pandey NET 11 timer siden
If you really want to eat tasty food, dont go in big restaurant, find small restaurant or go to less popular place and order something there..I'm sure you would get wonderful taste there
Sunanda Prasad
Sunanda Prasad 11 timer siden
Why is there a Christmas background music
SlowMotion 11 timer siden
I probably would've cried too
666jamie666 11 timer siden
I feel exhausted after watching this
Gabriele Di maggio
Gabriele Di maggio 11 timer siden
Is horrible
Larammie Maldonado
Larammie Maldonado 11 timer siden
What the hell is a New Mexican culture. Don’t you mean Mexican ?
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 11 timer siden
In the field of psychology, the Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability.
Jehan Zulfakar
Jehan Zulfakar 11 timer siden
The nervous giggles at 2:40 SENT ME LMAOA
WyskEdits 11 timer siden
What the fuck was that last clip from, I would've punched his lights out what the heck
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 11 timer siden
How does this dweeb expect people to pay their rent?
cook with pns
cook with pns 11 timer siden
I am hungry 😋
S T 11 timer siden
I want the cocaine that he had before he filmed this and then I want the beef wellington
Boobalopbop 11 timer siden
"Limper than my grand dad's dick"? I love Gordon, but he really shouldn't say that to a young woman. He curses all the time and that's fine, but thats nasty. What if she is a virgin or religious?
Aisyah Huda
Aisyah Huda 11 timer siden
Gordon : are you always this pathetic?! The owner with weird squidward voice : I AM NOT PATHETIC MA FAV OUT OF THE WHOLE COMPILATION
Shade Ghost
Shade Ghost 11 timer siden
Gordon making those ladies night made mine lol
mari luna
mari luna 11 timer siden
Hi chef ramsey I love your voice you are a inspiración for me and I like your programa nightmares kitchen I see every time and I want new episodes please
Kev 11 timer siden
You can get the same results from Iceland.
Adun સ્ટાર
Adun સ્ટાર 11 timer siden
Lol laughs Gordon Ramsay
Jacqueline Hughes
Jacqueline Hughes 11 timer siden
Gordon’s fridge is bigger than my bedroom....
NoMxrcy 11 timer siden
A M 11 timer siden
Look how hands on he is to help them succeed
COOPS XXI 11 timer siden
My guy is seasoning butter 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 11 timer siden
You are a liar
Ra Khau
Ra Khau 11 timer siden
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
Funny Stuff
Funny Stuff 11 timer siden
Gordon should review my cooking at school tbh because everyone gives me good reputation on my cooking
Stevie P
Stevie P 11 timer siden
Gordan teaching his son.... 5 years later- Son : lets shokugeki
Nish Patel
Nish Patel 11 timer siden
Normal people- French Toast Gordon- “Eggy Bread”
Aisyah Huda
Aisyah Huda 11 timer siden
The transitions are scary as the foods coming out of the kitchen
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez 11 timer siden
Gordon, let's just face it... Mexican food ain't your thing.
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 11 timer siden
This guy doesn't deserve a business
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 11 timer siden
Americans can't cook lamb
Yoshi 11 timer siden
Oh, its diarrhea lady
P I P J A G O 11 timer siden
that pornhub intro tho
黃聖雄 11 timer siden
One of the funniest moments in Bee Family history caught on camera! 🚨👉 nopost.info/throw/1pu6ko3Rp3ljqa8/video
Lance Adrian Alfeche
Lance Adrian Alfeche 11 timer siden
Food Wars IRL
The New Tropic
The New Tropic 11 timer siden
42:00 is that the OST from The Fountain?
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson 11 timer siden
Imagine you and your wife stay at a hotel and are about to go to bed and you hear a knock , next thing Gordon Ramsey walks in and steals your girl
Nicholas Yong
Nicholas Yong 11 timer siden
white WHAT?
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez 11 timer siden
Holy shit! I've only seen Gordon as the assumed king chef who tells everyone how to cook. I just figured he must be so good he allowed to bring people to tears because they might learn something. But now I've seen him cook. How the fuck did he pull this massive scam off???
Basara Baskenji
Basara Baskenji 11 timer siden
Gordon "Can I get a pen and paper" Ramsay
Marina Kuyper
Marina Kuyper 11 timer siden
He hasn’t clicked, not because of his cooking skills, because they’re are INVISIBLE CAMERAS